Don't expect a fanatic story here, because as a technician I am rather critical.
Also don't expect evidence of telepathy, because I am experiencing telepathy and therefore
I don't need to prove it. On a regular basis I remember persons shortly before I get a letter
or a message from them. Although I neglected to make notes of it*,
there seems to be a significant correlation in my case.

In the field of semiconductor physics we often came across odd phenomena; some could be understood after some experiments but others remained enigmatic. Experience learns, however, that later on such puzzles always are solved. So when telepathy really exists, it should be explainable in a normal scientific way.

For our nomad ancestors, telepathy must have been very useful. Halbe Doele told that he was once in Lapland, when his Sami host suddenly said: "There is something wrong with my brother, I have to go there." And he immediately left to where his brother might be with his reindeers, anywhere in the wide plains. Once should consider, however, that for us in our time of electronic mail telepathy is a rather useless phenomenon.

The intention of this page is to provide links to sites that provide a scientific explanation of telepathy, or at least comment on it in a critical way.
I regret to say that I didn't find much in a first search, although there are thousands of pages on this subject. Indeed there is lot of quasi-scientific material, but that is not what I looked for. I hope the following may pass.

*) Taking notes of such is a bit difficult, because we think about people many times a day. It becomes only significant in case a corresponding message arrives shortly afterwards. I must cofess that that precisely might be the weakness of such 'evidence'.

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