Burning earth

Until recently, I hardly noticed the excitement about to the so-called greenhouse-effect, although I am living at sea-level.

It must have been the many cyclones in the Caraibic and East-Asia, the unusually heavy rains in England and Italy and the strange behaviour of the entire weather in the last few years that has attracted my attention.

I don't belong to the fanatic environment screamers and I think we should have an open ear to all opinions, because only together we can carry out the tough measures that might turn out to be necessary.

In this part of my site, I will try with an open mind to gather a number of useful links from all sites that can give us an objective insight in the problem and all kinds of solutions. In between please give me a message in case you find such links. Meanwhile, I will place them on my list.

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How much does your computer consume?

Selected Links:

Duurzame energie en Groene elektriciteit (Supervised by the Dutch government)

Links List:

National Geographic Magazine (Oceans)